chewsday – the station hotel


you may recall that last week i had date night with taylor and we ate at the station hotel in hither green. well it’s now time for me to tell you how the food was. we didn’t have starters as nothing really grabbed our attention, and we knew that if we did get anything we’d be […]

louis tomlinson – miss you

music monday

since one direction’s hiatus started in august 2015, louis tomlinson has ventured down the solo-artist path, with miss you being the third song that he has released. his first song, just hold on with steve aoki was released late 2016, he then released back to you featuring bebe rexha and digital farm animals was earlier this year. at the […]

jadedaily on friyay – 08dec2017

jadedaily on friyay

happy friyay! saturday 02 december– friday 08 december 2017 i dragged my tired body to work on saturday morning because the office was being repainted and my colleague and i had to supervise. it was a long and tiring day but i’m just thinking about that money money moneyy. on sunday, taylor and i met my […]

December 8, 2017

because i liked it – super soft fingerless gloves

because i liked it

it’s starting to get cold now and every year i have the same problem: cold hands. i’m not normally a glove person. i’ve had them in the past but never felt that they actually benefitted me as my hands were still always freezing. during secondary school i moved on to fingerless gloves which aesthetically looked […]

chewsday – honest burger boozy brunch


for my friend’s birthday we all went to honest burger, by bank, for a boozy brunch. i’d never heard of it before and was slightly skeptical since their menu wasn’t exciting me and it was £25 per person. the premise is that you have a one and a half hour slot to order one of […]

halsey – bad at love

music monday

i didn’t go out of my way to listen to halsey’s bad at love but taylor had to do a piece of editing work and it featured this song, so it was all i heard for a couple of weeks. i’ll admit, halsey isn’t one of my normal “go-to” artists but i really like this song. she’s an […]

jadedaily on friyay – 01dec2017

jadedaily on friyay

it’s friday (friyay) which means you get a general roundup of my week! alternatively, somewhere i can vent all my anger and caps lock all of my happiness. saturday 25 november – friday 01 december 2017 i’ll start this on saturday when i had to wake up stupid early to go into work for overtime. i […]

December 1, 2017