chewsday – good hope

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at the weekend i went to a cute café with my cousin and her boyfriend called good hope.

good hope was established in 2010 as a way to help raise money for the charity forjimmy.

since then they have branched to a total of three cafés across lewisham, including hither green which is the one i went to. the two other locations are place ladywell and ladywell fields.

their website says that they employ young people and have partnered with drumbeat school and ASD services over the past few years to provide personalised placements for young people with autism.

i fell in love with how friendly the staff were and how peaceful it was. it was the quaint.

we stayed there for several hours and enjoyed their scrambled eggs on toast and sausage sandwiches as well as lots of coffee.

the main thing that did it for me was how delicious their hot chocolate tasted.

i will definitely be going again.

check out their twitter feed for updates on events that they throw.

i give good hope hither green a solid five out of five hot chocolates.


jade xo