because i liked it – indigo nights hourglass

because i liked it /


i had no reason to buy it but i knew from the moment i saw it, i wanted it.

i was in paperchase and there it was, it looked so perfect, unlike any other hour glass i’d seen (not that i have spent my life searching).

i’d seen it a couple of times before, whilst in the store, but had always told myself jade it’s pretty but why. what are you gonna use it for?

and honestly that worked for a while but then that overriding voice in my head said i just want it.

so i bought it.

i forgot what it was called so was referring to it as the egg timer until i asked the cashier at paperchase who reminded me it was called an hourglass.

i ordered it online that night for next day delivery and when it arrived, hot damn.

let me tell you, it’s the best purchase i’ve made all week.

indigo nights hourglass

jade xo