jadedaily goes cinema – justice league

jadedaily goes cinema / Thursday, November 30th, 2017

i went to see justice league last week and i have to admit i didn’t have any real expectation. i went in as an open book you could say.

i do like the dc universe but i’m not obsessed with it.

my synopsis of the plot:

with superman gone the world essentially went to shit.

batman soon realised this and enlisted the help of diana prince (wonder woman) to help with the evil threatening the world.

the pair join up to find the others, cyborg, the flash, and aquaman, to recruit them in this rescue-the-earth-again mission.


overall i really enjoyed it.

of course it was like any other super hero film where the world is saved by the end but there was a lot of action and peril which was exciting.

all of the characters had brilliant character development throughout the film, especially the new ones we met.

the flash, played by ezra miller, definitely stole the show in some scenes as his character is naturally so witty and sharp.

i got the sense that bruce wayne, played by ben affleck, was portrayed as being less of a superhero compared to the others because he doesn’t have a “natural” gift like them. i genuinely felt bad for him but he should rest assure that he is definitely a great superhero.

wonder woman, played by gal gadot, was fantastic as per!

i love how much depth they gave her, even referencing her solo film earlier this year. considering she is the only female in the group they have made her extra badass.

☑️ what i thoroughly enjoyed was that the characters weren’t 2d, they had depth which was explored on more than just surface level. we all know each character has something interesting about them and their history and justice league delved into it and showed that there is room for further development in future films.

✖️i have been wracking my brain trying to think of something i disliked but i honestly can’t think of anything. maybe that ezra miller didn’t have enough screen time.

i give justice league five out of five popcorns

jade xo