jadedaily on friyay – 01dec2017

jadedaily on friyay / Friday, December 1st, 2017
it’s friday (friyay) which means you get a general roundup of my week! alternatively, somewhere i can vent all my anger and caps lock all of my happiness.

saturday 25 november – friday 01 december 2017

i’ll start this on saturday when i had to wake up stupid early to go into work for overtime. i genuinely thought that everything would get finished, but alas, when has anything ever gone to plan! it looks like i’m gonna need to work a couple more weekends.

i honestly can’t remember sunday. i know i had a beautiful lie in though but i think that’s it. i tidied up odd bits around the house, but otherwise i did nothing.

monday was a pretty decent start to the week. i saw the disaster artist with taylor and thoroughly enjoyed it. both franco brothers and zac efron in one film, what more could i ask for.

my week went to shit when i received a call from an angry customer on tuesday. they talked down to me and essentially blamed me for something i have no control over. i’m following the protocol but apparently i should bend the rules for them. yeah sure.

i went to the gym! i used the cross-trainer and burnt 200 calories. nothing spectacular i know, but good for me since i hate going to the gym.

on wednesday i had yoga, something which i’ve been doing once a week for about two months. i can’t say for sure whether i actually like or dislike it but it keeps my body bendy. i feel like it’s doing good so i’ll continue for the foreseeable future.

thursday was a decent day like monday, i was hella productive and was happy with how much i actually got done.

thankfully my friday was exactly what i hoped it would be: c h i l l  a f.

hardly had any emails or phone calls so i was able to catch up with my admin-type work. and it’s such a wonderful feeling to know i’ve finally done it.

my evening is going to be spent wrapped up in a blanket watching christmas films since it’s essentially christmas now.

i hope that your week was good and i’ll see you next friyay!

jade xo