halsey – bad at love

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i didn’t go out of my way to listen to halsey’s bad at love but taylor had to do a piece of editing work and it featured this song, so it was all i heard for a couple of weeks.

i’ll admit, halsey isn’t one of my normal “go-to” artists but i really like this song.

she’s an american singer-songwriter who has featured on justin bieber‘s song the feeling from his 2015 album purpose, and on the chainsmokers‘ hit song closerreleased late 2016.

in my opinion closer is what really put her on the radar.

of course this isn’t all halsey has been doing, she’s been busy since 2014 touring with the kooks and working on her debut album badlands which she released in 2015.

bad at love is taken from her 2017 album hopeless fountain kingdom released june this year.

she looks absolutely beautiful in the music video and her voice is amazing.

i’d be lying if i said i knew what the storyline of the music video was but i don’t think it matters as the lyrics speak for themselves.

put simply, whatever relationship she is in she finds a way to break it down because she is bad at love.

check out the video below and tell me if you understand the storyline.

jade xo