chewsday – honest burger boozy brunch

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for my friend’s birthday we all went to honest burger, by bank, for a boozy brunch.

i’d never heard of it before and was slightly skeptical since their menu wasn’t exciting me and it was £25 per person.

the premise is that you have a one and a half hour slot to order one of their burgers and an alcoholic drink (prosecco, buck’s fizz, an apple and gin number, or a beer).

you’re given your burger and drink, and then the clincher, when you’ve finished the drink you can ask for another and are given it free of charge as it’s included in the £25.

i chose the brunch burger without the mushroom which came with rosemary-salted chips and thoroughly enjoyed it.

the alcohol was where i was a bit uncertain as they didn’t have my usual go-to drink (malibu and coke) and i thought that it would be a waste of my money if i was just getting a burger, chips and a soft drink.


i was so very wrong.

i ordered the apple and gin number, which is actually called botanic garden (fords gin, apple, elderflower and lime) as it was the most enticing option considering i’m not a massive fan of prosecco or beer.

well, it was goddamn delicious!

it was one of those drinks where the alcohol is hardly detectable so you just end up drinking one after the other without realising how much alcohol you’re actually consuming.

i got slightly tipsy but then again, so did everyone else.

the birthday girl thoroughly enjoyed herself as did the rest of us, more so since the staff didn’t keep an eye on the clock and we ended up spending a few hours there.

i rate the honest burger boozy brunch five out of five botanic gardens.

jade xo