because i liked it – super soft fingerless gloves

because i liked it /
it’s starting to get cold now and every year i have the same problem: cold hands.

i’m not normally a glove person. i’ve had them in the past but never felt that they actually benefitted me as my hands were still always freezing.gloves

during secondary school i moved on to fingerless gloves which aesthetically looked a lot better (they were black and green striped, i was going through my emo phase at the time) but left my fingertips frozen.

i can’t say i’ve learnt anything since then as i have bought another pair of fingerless gloves, but this time they are a lot softer and warmer!

my friend bought a pair first after she saw them in the urban outfitters when we went to brighton last month.

i felt the inside of them and was amazed at how soft they were, which then led to a couple of days spent pondering whether i really needed them or not.

ultimately the answer is yes.

i figured that i may as well try to be good to my hands otherwise they are gonna look like they belong to an 80 year old woman rather than a 25 year old one, and who wants that.

super soft fingerless gloves
urban outtfitters

jade xo