jadedaily goes cinema – the disaster artist

jadedaily goes cinema / Thursday, December 7th, 2017
if you read my friyay post last week, you may recall that i said i went to see disaster artist, well here’s my review of it!

i didn’t know what it was about, what it was based on, or what the room was.

i decided to go purely because both james and dave franco were in it.

my synopsis of the plot:

it’s based on tommy wiseau, who, back in 2003 released the film “the room having directed, written and produced it himself. 

the film is confusing with so many characters and so many different subplots that are introduced to the audience but never get addressed again.

the disaster artist is a film adaptation, directed by james franco, of the book by greg sestero and tom bissell detailing the development and production of the film.


it was a bit slow in some parts but it was really funny and quotable. (oh hi mark)

james franco did an amazing at directing the disaster artist and i think really captured the start to finish process of the film.

☑️ i liked how how james franco paid so much attention to detail in making it practically identical to the room, from speech to the movements of the actors

✖️ i thought that there were a lot of slow points which could have been either shortened or removed to make the film flow better. though breaking it down, i’m assuming that the slowness and disjointed parts made it like the room

i give this film five out of five popcorns.

jade xo