jadedaily on friyay – 08dec2017

jadedaily on friyay / Friday, December 8th, 2017

happy friyay!

saturday 02 december– friday 08 december 2017

i dragged my tired body to work on saturday morning because the office was being repainted and my colleague and i had to supervise. it was a long and tiring day but i’m just thinking about that money money moneyy.

on sunday, taylor and i met my mum and aunt for breakfast at browns. it was good but i was exhausted. when we got home we vegetated in front of the tv, played video games, and i had a nap.

monday was a good day. it was quiet and i got a lot of shit done. i also went to the gym, so i’m happy with that.

i went out to dinner after work on tuesday with taylor. we went to the station hotel at the end of our road. i had steak and it was fantastic.

wednesday was my usual yoga. i know i said i had a placebo effect going on last week, but i genuinely do feel more bendy.

my small team (there are four of us) went out for a christmas lunch on thursday. we went to l’ulivo by charing cross. it’s an italian restaurant and i had lasagna like normal, i also had a couple of malibu and cokes. afterwards i met up with taylor in bromley and we did all of our christmas shopping, we also gOT A CHRISTMAS TREE!

after work friday, i met taylor at the o2 as we were going to the unlimited screening of jumanji: welcome to the jungle. i am super excited for it, and super excited to see nick jonas. find out more next week thursday.

i hope you had a good week, see you next time.

jade xo