louis tomlinson – miss you

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since one direction’s hiatus started in august 2015, louis tomlinson has ventured down the solo-artist path, with miss you being the third song that he has released.

his first song, just hold on with steve aoki was released late 2016, he then released back to you featuring bebe rexha and digital farm animals was earlier this year.

at the start of the month louis released miss you and followed it up later on in the week with the music video.

what i really love about the song is how much you can hear his northern accent come through, i found the same thing during his parts in one direction songs too.

his accent shines through in sentences like: “everything is fucking great” and the way that he says “love“.

the music video is of louis having a night out with his friends getting absolutely wasted, but then realising that something doesn’t feel right. and the reason it doesn’t feel right is because he misses his girl and she isn’t around.

it’s the cutest thing and i’m in love with the song, check out the video below.

jade xo