chewsday – the station hotel

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you may recall that last week i had date night with taylor and we ate at the station hotel in hither green.

well it’s now time for me to tell you how the food was.

we didn’t have starters as nothing really grabbed our attention, and we knew that if we did get anything we’d be too full when it came to desserts later on.

i decided to get the steak (naturally) which came with onion rings and chunky chips, though i opted for skinny fries instead since i prefer them.

i got the steak rare because i’ve been cheated so many times that enough is enough!

far too many restaurants give me a well done steak when i ask for medium-rare, so now i just ask for rare.

the onion rings tasted so good, cooked in so much oil but that just made them that much crispier.

taylor got the station burger, and although he enjoyed it he did expect more from it in terms of size.

he said that he should have got the steak and i just nodded my head in agreement.

after our main course we decided to have dessert, also i wasn’t planning on leaving somewhere having had only one course.

god was dessert beautiful!

i got a chocolate brownie with vanilla ice cream and it went down a treat. it was the perfect size and tasted absolutely delicious!

i haven’t been able to find their dessert menu, but their normal menu can be found here.

i give it five out of five steaks.

jade xo