jadedaily goes cinema – jumanji: welcome to the jungle

jadedaily goes cinema / Thursday, December 14th, 2017

last week friday i went to cineworld’s unlimited screening of jumanji: welcome to the jungle.

it was absolutely fantastic!

my synopsis of the plot:

at the start of the film, the board game that we met in the original 1995 film transforms itself into a video game.

twenty years later, four high school students stumble upon it whilst in detention and decide to play.

they get sucked into the game and soon realise that they are characters in ‘jumanji’ and they need to play as their selected characters in order to get back to the real world.

along the way they meet a fifth teenager and together the five of them work together using their characters’ strengths to return the green jewel to its rightful owner.



dwayne johnson, kevin hart, karen gillan, and jack black all did an excellent job at portraying teenagers, especially jack black who not only had to portray a teenager, but a female one at that.

kevin hart was exceptionally funny as usual.

nick jonas was beautiful as per.

they had such synergy between them and they worked really well together.

the story line was really well thought out, and the fact that it was akin to a video game made it really easy to follow.

i thought that the mention of alan parrish from the original jumanji in 1995, played by robin williams, was a nice touch.

i give this film a solid five out of five popcorns.

jade xo