jadedaily on friyay – 15dec2017

jadedaily on friyay / Friday, December 15th, 2017

welcome back after another tiring week!

saturday 09 december – friday 15 december 2017

on saturday, taylor and i met up with his nan and we went for lunch at the toby carvery, which tasted so, so good. in the evening taylor and i decorated the christmas tree and in my opinion, it looks super pretty.


taylor and i stayed in on sunday. it snowed!! i was so fucking happy i stood outside for fifteen minutes. the snow spurred me on to write out all the christmas cards.

taylor started his new job on monday and is on a later start/finish so doesn’t get home before me anymore. i decided to treat him and made spagetti bolognase for dinner and had it ready for when he walked in the door.

on tuesday i went to the gym and had a good cardio session. did i feel better for doing it? maybe. was it terrible? yes.

wednesday was my final yoga class of the year. i’ve thoroughly enjoyed it and even bought myself a yoga mat so i can practice at home. i also went out for christmas drinks with work which was fun.

i went into work early on thursday so i could leave after my meeting finished at 4pm. the meeting went okay, but i’m still stressing out about what is expected of me/what i’ve got to do.

friday was a really chill day in the office, not a lot of emails and i was able to get admin stuff done. afterwards i went to bromley to get the last of my christmas shopping done and then had takeaway kfc with my dad.

i hope you had a good week, same time (hopefully earlier) next week!


jade xo