because i liked it – kingsman: the secret service steelbook

because i liked it /

i adore kingsman: the secret service.


i first saw it three months ago when the cineworld at the o2 was showing it before the new kingsman film, and since then i’ve been in love with it.

i had already bought the blu ray which is sitting happily on my dvd shelf and i thought that that was me done.

but then i saw this on the hmv website and i knew that i need it, then and there.

so i bought it before it was gone, and here we are.

it’s a really cool steelbook, which will match the one i’ve preordered for the second kingsman film.

on the inside there’s a5 pictures from the film as well as a small booklet with information about the film, the casting and production.

kingsman: the secret service limited edition steelbook


jade xo