jadedaily on friyay – 22dec2017

jadedaily on friyay / Friday, December 22nd, 2017

it’s christmas next week!

saturday 16 december – friday 22 december 2017

i had my haircut on saturday, followed by a trip to see my granddad, aunt, uncle and two cousins with taylor. after that i went to see my parents.

on sunday, i went out with the girls to the backyard cinema to see the little mermaid.

monday was full of meetings which wasn’t fun.

taylor and i met up with my cousin emma and her boyfriend sam on tuesday for a christmas dinner at giraffe. the company, cocktails, and steak were spot on.

taylor and i spent wednesday night in, it was good to just be at home for once.

kate was a godsend on thursday and took me to the big sainsburys to do the christmas shopping.

i was able to work from home on friday and got to finish early. i’ve got the girls (plus guys) christmas dinner at the tiger’s head in chislehurst. i’m really excited for all the food.

i haven’t decided whether i’m going to take the week off over the christmas break, but i shall let you know when i’m back.

have a wonderful christmas and new year!

viva la 2k18!!


jade xo